Miss Black USA + Nostalgia + Cuba's Old Havana

Miss Black USA is a global ambassador and role model for girls and women of color around the world.  The Motherland.  Europe.  South America.  Next...  Haute Havana.  Follow Tonille's journey to Havana de Cuba, where she will engage with the people of this vibrant Caribbean Island surrounded by rich colonial architecture and old classic cars. 

As some seek to put up walls, we're reminded of the power of the people in finding ways around them. Strong wills subvert the systems put in place to suppress. Information, truth, and compassion always find a way to be shared.

In Cuba, an impressive network of information and entertainment circulation has formed. Restricted from reliable web connectivity, the people have developed an elaborate web of USB drives filled with content. Physical passing of hardware has created a pseudo-Internet.

It's almost impossible to stop a united, passionate, and motivated group of people. From one person to the next, we're stronger when we share. We're stronger together.