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Gabrielle Reed, the reigning Miss Black Michigan USA is a 19 year old young woman who is intent upon creating a better world with her pen. She is a writer, classically trained singer, Huffington Post blogger, entrepreneur, and activist. She recently added the title of author to her resume, as she just released her first book, a collection of poetry, called These New Eyes. She unknowingly started writing These New Eyes at the age of 17 during her freshman year of college to document her different experiences while dealing with depression. Then at the age of 19, she realized that the words she wrote could help other people find themselves and their own identities. 

During her reign, she is committed to raising awareness for mental health as well as social equality. She sees herself as being "crowned with class and consciousness"; showing young women of color that inner beauty, elegance, and intelligence never goes out of style. Inspired by God and her mother, she will succeed at whatever she does. 

Right now, she is a student at Lansing Community College, but her dream is to finish her college career at New York University to double major in the dramatic writing arts program and business marketing. Her end goal is to run her own entertainment and production company and bring fresh, diverse content to the big screen and the radio airwaves.