And the Next Stop is Broadway

Every since she was cast in her first musical at a community theatre at 8-years-old, she has not been able to get enough.  Because who doesn't want a world where everyone bursts into song and dance.  Quesley Bunch, Miss Black Indiana USA 2017 dreams of the day she sees her name on a huge marquee in New York City.  The singer, ballroom dancer, dance instructor, vocal coach, guitar and piano player has her sights on Broadway.  In the meanwhile, she's promoting her  love for the elderly community through her platform "Preserve the Pearls:  Elders Abuse Awareness".  It focuses on the importance of our elderly communities and the love, kindness and respect that they deserve because without them we have no future.  

Growing up in a large family consisting of six brothers, has given her a great appreciation for family.  Of course, they are her #1 fans.