Black Lives Matter

From the Rugby Field to the Runway

Keren Sita, the reigning Miss Black Vermont USA 2017 is using her voice to empower women on and off the field. The multilingual beauty speaks four languages:  English, Lagala, French and Swahili.  In high school, she played her first rugby game.  She played her first rugby game in her freshman year of high school.  She immediately fell in love with it. She was really scared at first to be tackled. Today, she's been able to transfer those skills off to the field to her everyday life.  She now knows that she can tackle anything that comes her way.  

After one season of playing, Keren tried out for the Vermont select side rugby team. She was selected and played for them for 3 summers.  They went on to win the New England Rugby Cup.   You can take the girl out of rugby, but you can't take the rugby out of the girl.  

Keren hopes to continue the sport at Spelman College where she plans to transfer and hopes to start a team.  Keren hopes to one day coach a high school team and doesn't plan on giving up the sport anytime soon.  She is still very much involved in the Rugby community, anytime there's a scrimmage or people want, if she's not making an appearance as Miss Black Vermont, you can find her there.  

Not one to sit still or be silenced, Keren is a proud member of the first ever Black Lives Matter movement in the state of Vermont.  She also belongs to the NAACP Vermont chapter, the .Association of Africans living in Vermont and the Vermont Youth Rugby Club.